Amine Soccer Academy

Amine Soccer Academy was founded by Kawser Amine and Khatera Amine, former immigrants and former soccer players on the Afghanistan National soccer team. Kawser and Khatera started playing soccer at an early age to support women, change community beliefs, and advance women's power and skills. Amine Acadamy believes that youth are given the tools to explore, learn, invent, and develop through sports.


Amine Soccer Academy’s priorities are the children of refugees and immigrants and all other children who dream of learning soccer proficiently. We believe in bringing changes in the lives of children and their families by supporting their skills and passion and elevating these refugee and immigrant families to adopt the culture, increase their respect, and find peace and solidarity in their new home. The majority of the refugee and immigrant families are low-income, living hand-to-mouth, and cannot afford the cost of their children's soccer training.

Youth Girls Soccer team

Amine Soccer Academy's youth girl soccer team aim to change and empower the girls in the world through soccer.

Soccer for young girls with vision disability

Amine soccer academy is proud to provide professional soccer training for over 20 young  girls with vision disability in Afghanistan. Our aim is to empower them through soccer so they could gain their lost confidence back. They face traumatic obstacle such as, no access to education, basic healthcare, sever disability, and gender discrimination and violence within their societies.

Soccer at school

Amine Soccer Academy will offer a grassroots program with after school practice sessions at elementary and middle schools. The program will cater to schools with a high population of children who dream of becoming proficient soccer players and building their academic skills and confidence through sport. There will be different age group teams with girls, as well as boys, and experienced youth soccer trainers to teach technique and tactics, and promote physical and psychological well-being. The program will also offer soccer summer camps with friendly matches in different cities to prepare these children to join soccer leagues in the future. The focus is not on competition, it is on building their knowledge of soccer and gaining a better understanding of the game in a fun environment. We believe soccer can drive them to a bright personal and academic future.

Our Value

We will provide soccer uniforms and equipment in a safe environment, including a team membership card and snacks after practice.

Our vision

Soccer is a language of unity and peace, a bridge for success, and an avenue through which children, youth, and minorities can rule their futures with equal leadership and development opportunities.

Our mission

Amine Soccer Academy’s mission is to open the soccer fields for disadvantaged youth, especially girls, to help build the skills and confidence they need to empower them to reach their full potential and promote belief in themselves as champions of their future.

Amine Soccer Academy believes in the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's).

SDG's # 3 Good Health and Well-being

SDG's # 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities

SDG's # 17 Partnerships to achieve the Goal


Amine Soccer Academy is now officially member of the United Nations' Football for the Goals campaign.

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